Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bah more politics

Certainly Singapore politics must be one of the more boring events to participate in since people cannot be liberal in what they say. Well, not to say anything to discredit any other politicians but rather to voice your disagreement and have the relevant authorities convince you. But look at what happened to those who had a discussion with the MM on national tv. So ok, i did not really finish watching the show and i have to agree that some of the people were kind of rude, but i do not think that is deliberate on their part.

I have been watching the news for some of the highlights on the rallies of the parties and the things they said. So the last few days, the PAP had been questioning the integrity of the WP base on the you know who said he did but never incident. Apparently the whole incident gave me the impression that the PAP were trying to say that the opposition parties cannot bring up good candidates while the PAP can. I remember one PAP candidate even called the WP i believe terrorist while another candidate acknowledge the improved credentials of the opposition candidates but they might not be good enough in term of characters.

When did our local politics become so heavily invested on personally attacks and not more focused on the concerns of the people? Despite all the attacks for the past weeks on the you know who said he did but never incident, at least the PAP decided to shift their attention away from personally attack but rather on the implications on the election system itself. So i am not a politician, but shouldn't the parties be trying to show us how attractive they are and let us decide who is better instead of trying to show us who to vote. And seriously, there are plenty of citizens who are not interested in life upgrading at all though it is important for the accessibility of the flats.

Disclaimer: The writer is not writing for or against any parties stated and is just expressing his views.

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