Friday, May 05, 2006

End of exams

Finally after almost a month of intense studying, my exams are finally over. Well, maybe i really did not study that much for my exams, but i hope i can get at least 3.5 for my cap since i really feel that i should do better than my last semester.

The first thing to do after exams is obviously to enjoy yourself! So i went out straight after exam for ktv and of course good food and do some shopping... :D The only problem is i do not want to spend so much money at one go, which i kind of did. It is really not easy adjusting to the smaller allowance i get now from my parents as compared to the money i earnt when i was in NS. And the worse thing is during my NS i did not save much and spend my monthly pay. So now i cannot buy what i want because i always spend my money on eating haha.

3 months of holiday... so i must find a job or at least do something if not my imagination might just go wild. It is always during the times where you have nothing to do and you will just start thinking of every possible things.

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