Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ugly drama

I just saw my workload for the next few days. It doesnt seem that bad at the moment since some parts of the work i can actually do at home instead of going to my aunt house and do. Some how i got involve in some family business that is none of my business at all. But in offering my aunt my help, i have like boarded some pirate ship... -.-

My nice mood totally changed for the worse after i received the call from my aunt to go to her house so that she can brief me on my work for the next few days. And do you know that one of the band in the Superband actually rumored to have told their friends and families not to support them by calling anymore because the comments about them have always been so bad? I dunno if it is true but i have to agree that some of their members sang badly but there are others who are not bad. I actually like their first performance and have to agree that it is amazing how they manage to last so long.

20/5/06 : The day i woke up for a while and force myself back to sleep

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