Monday, July 31, 2006

Module bidding

Bidding for modules when you have like 4 pre-allocated modules can be such a disaster especially when the tutorials and the labs you have to bid yourself. I have to fit the timing of the new modules, not to mention that 80% of the time the modules i want either clash with my pre-allocated modules or the exam clash or the timing just suck for my timetable.

So in order to fulfil my requirements and to try to get something as interesting as possible, i chose Introduction to World Religion and Singapore Society. The interesting thing is i might not get these 2 modules i want, and i might not be able to bid for the tutorials that i have already set aside, so whether my present timetable is feasible is dependable on my bidding result.

I guess i'll just stick to bidding modules that are in my interest range, which is history and maybe political science. Not to mention that 1 of my core module is apparently related to my maths module which i did badly last semester and have no idea what is going on. Overall, i'm still quite happy with my planned timetable, alternate weeks my monday, tuesday and thursday is quite short. Hopefully a better planned timetable can make me study better!

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