Thursday, August 03, 2006

3/8 Thursday

I normally will blog unhappy stuff or stuff that i want to forget in a very indirect way so that if future i actually read my posts again, i will either have already forgotten it and will not remember a thing after i read again, or i will just remember all the bad stuff.

6 more days to National Day, i always believe that certain suppose holidays actually gave new meanings after finishing NS, sometime because of all the sai kang that we have to do during NS time, or some stupid celebration that been through that just makes me think that these holidays are such a waste of time. For some, the NDP is major sai kang that took many of their weekends away with endless rehearsals.

This year must be the worse NDP and i just dunno why you just disappear. Maybe you are just busy but no one talk cok with me! And i feel so bad last time and so sorry about it. Hope after NDP you will be free again...

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