Saturday, August 05, 2006

5/8 Sat

This morning woke up with quite a nightmare that i can't really went back to sleep despite it is only 7 plus. I dreamt about something that i am quite afraid of but no i am not going to say because you should never expose your weakness!

Later in the afternoon my family went to Serangoon Broadway to take my 2nd sister graduation photos. Damn i have to wear long-sleeve shirt again and made to wear a tie! I really hate to wear this kind of formal wear because i hate how you will be forced to dress in such manner when you go to work just because this is the standard business wear. Now i can somehow understand why some people rather go DB instead of serving NS, well it is kind of extreme.

The verdict of the day, Broadway sucks, and it is endorsed by my 2 sisters too, such that my elder sister msn nick read Services at Serangoon Broadway suck. Well to me, the services provided by the staffs wasn't that bad, but it is the photographers that really pissed people off. Well they were not entirely that rude, but it is somehow reflected in their attitude which somehow makes it really hard to smile during the photo taking.

Watching Superband final now... god it's so unimpressive for a final ~.~

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