Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Countdown to the end

Today is considered the last day of my guild Tempestas, as probably the last few members are probably going to Band of Hawks or maybe some other guilds. Tempestas lasted for like 1 year and 4 months, and the name is the latin name for Tempest, which was among a selection of a few names, which everyone who was at the forming of the guild was suppose to come up with one name. Some people that i remember during the forming of Tempestas, which took a few weeks to formalise : Me, Alvin, Fayray, Neubis, Shadowwalker, Perpertua, Remorseless and Moomoocow, not sure if i forgot any other. All of us have met earlier in a chalet which was organise by our former guild, The Dark Society, and we got to know each other during the BBQ.

We started to have this idea reform another guild so that we can raid because our guild master at that time, Sinless was missing in action and the guild was in total mess. The guild Tempestas was formed and consisted of people from The Dark Society, Doom of Alliance and Hordobots. Following that we met up every sunday before and after the guild was form to discuss on guild issues and policies. The guild progress slowly but surely, with people coming and going. I still remember when the council still has the full strength, there will always be frequent arguments and stuff. The guild had another BBQ after a couple of months which introduce the members of Tempestas to each other and how i wish fate will go another way. Dramas come and go, but yet none as big as this time was enough to break the guild, and sad to say that the breaking factor has to come from an external factor that was not there throughout the guild history. Probably if the biggest mistake we made was to accept the transfers.

Thus almost ending the chapter of Tempestas in my life, but yet the reason for it still lingers on. Though left earlier, i still persist on in keeping that reason till the very end.

Daoc History : The Black Jackals, The Ancient Order, Invictus, Defiance, The Black Dragon, (not in timeline) The Final Chapter, Mirrodin, probably some others that i forgot.

Everything is in a cycle. There will not be a start if there is no end. So if i don't want to end there will not be a start to anything? As far as i'm concern now, in order to do whatever you want you need power, and power might be money. Once you have power you can do whatever you want without regards to anyone else.

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