Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Spooky wednesday

It is a tired wednesday and all i can think of is to sleep a bit during my lecture break. So i lay my head down and sleep for a while, but when i heard the lecturer talking again i tried to raise my head but i realise i can't. In fact i feel that my body can't move at all and i had to use all my mental strength to raise my head 1st before my body can start to move again. This is a kind of medical condition, though many people always like to say that it is a ghost sitting on you and the last time it happens to me was like when i was still a cadet in OCS and i was lying on my bed and i just can't move and talk at all.

After coming back home and play ROSE a while i decided to sleep a bit to recover my sleep a bit. I remember that during my sleep something was totally messing with my mind, such that i feel the world around me is shaking violently and blinking. Strange to say but i actually don't feel afraid at all and because i believe in God though i am not Christian, i remember of the scene in those kind of western ghost story where some priest will say in the name of the God begone or something like that? So i remembered i think i said some similiar stuffs and now come to think of it i thought it was rather funny.

Oh well... i forgot how it ended but i guess i just fall asleep or something lol. Tommorow is my second Introduction to World Religion tutorial and more lesson on Christianity! Not that i am a fan of Christianity, but i'm a fan of God XD

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