Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New changes

Bought a new graphic card over the weekend, Leadtek A6600GT to replace my old graphic card which is ATI radeon 9200 because i can't see my units when playing Company of Heroes... -.- . Well, not exactly just because of a game but rather i was thinking of upgrading my computer already, at least to make it better for multi-tasking, but my budget kind of fall short of upgrading my rams. Over the weekends, i also decided to use firefox because Alvin told me it's actually faster than IE, so i tried and thought it is indeed faster than IE. But like what Xiaoyun said about using Firefox to see my blog, all i see are really huge fonts, so i decided to redo my blog template.

Apart from redoing my blog design, i also change my desktop design a bit, well no prize for guessing the theme, and i realise in the end i still like gray a lot. Because to me, gray looks a lot like a neutral colour, like you do not feel anything when you look at gray stuff unlike probably other colours like black or red. So my new background.....

Black and white gray scale looks so cool right... probably that why my theme for my blog background is black too, though i thought of making it gray but i think black is probably nicer. Black represent night time and darkness, which i find such beauty in it and no longer fear the dark since my NS days. Complete with some instrumental songs and there you have it, a wonderful environment for sleeping XD

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