Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wed 11/10

If anything comes out good from going to my dad office after school is i am getting paid for almost studying there, because there is nothing much for me to do that. On top of that, i can slack without much guilt at night, or maybe it is just me decided not to think of what i have to do the following day.

After looking through the digital design forums a bit, i came to wonder if i have simplified my experiment design too much, or rather i thought the design was quite simple. But apparently many people came up with questions that i never thought before, though my design concept was approved by the GA. Have like 3 weeks to finish building my circuit and all the wire stripping is so irritating.

Look through the solution for my digital design test today and i'm quite sure that i did really badly for an easy test. In the end, no matter how much ways of solving problems that i remember, without knowing the basics everything is also pointless.

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