Monday, November 27, 2006


Just finish watching 終極一班, and i must say though with a lousy plot and ridiculous acting, it is still a drama worth watching for relaxation.

The storyline is kind of a modern day street fighter style, where high school students practice gongfu, have special abilities and fight each other just for fun.

With it's share of ultra cold jokes (can't even say it's joke) and strange characters, it really bring out characteristics of a comedy, but yet it's storyline is not that of a comedy.

This drama is the first one that i watched with Melody acting in it, and i must say that her performance is excellent. Her role is so funny partly because most of her lines are always said in such a fast and furious manner, not sure whether it was meant to be funny.

飞轮海 performance in it was fairly ok i guess. As usual somehow 汪東城 always seem to be acting like an idiot, with a rather act cool character without much intelligence.

What really impressed me is 炎亞綸's ultra quiet character but yet sarcastic and emotional at times. Not to mention he actually plays the piano in the show, like really know how to play instead of just faking it, what a rare kind of performance.

Another point to note, anyone thinks that 炎亞綸 and 王传一 from 可米小子 looks so alike.
Lastly, 2 songs to recommend from the soundtrack of this drama, 孤單心事 by 藍又時 and 保護色 by 蘇亦承. You can search for it on 百度 and listen, though both songs are rather soapy kind.

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