Sunday, December 17, 2006

First day of Indonesia

Arrived in Jakarta like 10 pm local time and check straight into the hotel. Kind of first time staying in a suite kind of room, or rather the entire hotel seems to be made up of suites. My Ambassor suite is bigger than my house living room plus probably one room, and costing like S$100 per night i heard.

The following day proved to be quite interesting in certain aspects. Jakarta gave me a better impression as compared to Kuala Lumper, as there are much more improvements as compared to my previous trip here when the riots are more recent. First fun of the day, when the Merc-Benz i took drove by my Father's friend went near 150km/h with an acceleration of like 60 rpm in less than 10s along the road of Jakarta, which is probably more busy than Singapore road. The best part is all of these are done in probably within 400m of road, keep accelerating and braking.

The last interesting thing is probably see the throngs and throngs of bikers along the public road, which might amount to thousands. It was rather scary when you are in the car and totally surrounded by motorbikes that apparently did not have the end of the line. I'm just glad that i'm not the one driving along the crazy roads of Jakarta.

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