Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Feeling so out of breath with so many things suddenly appearing out of the blue. However, it appears that despite my mind remains calm or probably nonchalant about everything, subconsciously the stress is building inside of me, to the extent that my face is on the verge of a break out.

I have less than a week to map my modules and seek approval for them, but till now i have no idea on what i should be taking during my SEP. The stupid system for applying trademark is totally frustrating me with all the terms that i have no idea what they are talking about, the system was not that friendly either, not to mention after paying for the application, i am totally broke, such that i do not even have enough for the other application. For the rest of the month i have to really survive on air literally. The feeling is horrible to have to stop myself from indulging myself with food, such that i always feel so damn hungry. Sounds like i going to live in poverty for the coming month, damn don't even have the budget for going to S.H.E concert. Well... probably i have been too extreme to some extent.

But the fact remains that whenever i reach school i just feel that there are not enough oxygen for me to breath, and that with the increasing people around me, the more i feel breathless and grasping for air. Furthermore with the lousy connection, my mood just get worse and feel like smashing my modem and router. It just suck when you feel really bad but you can't show it.

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