Friday, February 16, 2007


With the upcoming Chinese New Year, it also marks the start of my mid term break, which equates to exams coming soon! Probably the one week break is a good time for me to catch up with what i am missing and probably start putting my priorities right as usual, though usually i won't in the end.

But if ever a student can take his attention away from his studies and gaming in my case, probably now is a good time to notice a bit about current affairs (which i do even though i game a lot). Today is the release of the new budget, though i have not read about it but hey at least i know there is a new one. Another hot topic will be probably how suddenly within a span of a few months Singapore is aggroed by almost all our neighbours. Apart from banning the exports of sand into Singapore, we also get blamed for natural disasters that happened to our causeway neighbour. Even a travel trip by someone who lost power also managed to engulf Singapore in bilateral problems, leading to them accusing us of spying on them.

Seriously, not that it affect me in any form, apart i probably would not want to go to T-land until the administration is no longer in the hands of the people who controls the guns. Seriously, T-land is already in so much troubles, can't they just keep their actions for their own problems instead of diverting the attention and make tiny Singapore the scapegoat. This tactic is somehow very popular with our neighbours, blaming the red dot for whatever they are suffering from. Well... i guess it is a small price to pay for all the sheltering we received from other countries against the wrath of nature.

So why i talk so much irrelevant stuff? Nothing much just to destress a bit before my EE2011 laboratory tomorrow, which after reading the menu i found i have totally no idea about it. Please for goodness sake stop making my life worse as it is.

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