Thursday, February 01, 2007

Omg 70!

With the introduction of Burning Crusade(BC) into my life, i hardly have time to do so many things. Apart from studying or doing tutorials when i need, the rest of the time are spent on leveling my druid to level 70, and after 2.3 weeks, i finally reach level 70! So these few weeks most of my daily spare time are spent on playing BC, though i still stick to my weekly dose of 花樣少年少女 and watch some episodes of the stuff i just downloaded, not to mention going to my dad's office to help out, still i think my life is overflowing with BC.

Time to set things slow, slowly enjoy the experience of BC, but still allocate more time to do my tutorials and if possible continue to enjoy my doses of drama. This semester has been peaceful so far, and luckily the tutors of my tutorial classes have been on the average wonderful. The madness weeks are now over and seem like life continues as usual.

Chinese New Year coming and with it all the goodly food!

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