Sunday, February 25, 2007

Omg over already?

Damn the mid-term break is so damn short, especially when Chinese New Year falls during the mid-term break. Well, it is not a bad thing, if the two days holiday is not during the mid-term break, there will be tonnes of make-up lessons for me. Time always seem so short while time needed to do things always take so long.

WoW is getting so bored and tiring for me, must be because of all the late nights heroic instance during the Chinese New Year break, as i have been starting to do heroic instance at midnight, which make me so tired. Lesson learnt, the mind somehow get use to the usual condition whenever you are doing the same thing.

With a short break amidst all the datelines, it is time to reflect on the good things in my life. As ever i'm grateful for every small little good things that happened in my life, grateful to my parents for letting me to be stubborn as ever, and hopefully things will remain peaceful for time to come. Most importantly, i need to concentrate more on my studies!

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