Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Questionable integrity

It is just amazing how people live without a sense of integrity, just to achieve their goals. During my EE2011 quiz earlier today, the lecturer gave some talk and probably you might call it warning against cheating for the quiz just like the previous quiz, but this time he went one step further. Apart from saying that the person sitting beside you might have a different paper, he described the process on how is this made.

He said that he asked the photocopy auntie to slot the different quiz after one another, such there are a total of 4 different quiz copies and put them in order, such that the question paper repeat itself in every four copies. So what i saw next truly disgusted me, when the paper were pass around, i see groups of friends looking through the stack of question papers and trying to get the same copy. Maybe it is just me and where i was sitting, where i was surrounding by Indians on the side and Chinese behind me, and both groups were blatantly doing such 'kiasu' stuff. Not to mention that those people sitting in front have already gotten their paper and started doing their quiz, those group of people are still taking their time to flip through the stack of question papers and finding the same copies of quiz.

I am just glad that i would rather get low marks with my efforts, rather than getting high marks by doing such dishonorable stuff. Of course during the course of the quiz i did not have the time nor effort to look at those particular group of people if they are cheating or not. I am just proud that i did well for the quiz with my own efforts, and not relying on dishonest means to accomplish my goals.

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