Thursday, June 28, 2007


Finally kind of finish all the accounts that my Aunt gave me, except for the parts where i have no idea what is going on, though another 3 months of accounts will be coming soon. PALME will be in another 2 weeks time, and hopefully by the mid of July i finish most of the stuff on my hand and probably calculate my finance and plan for a backpacking trip.

No idea where to go yet nor find who to go yet or even know if i really will go, because backpacking need some adventurous genes which i'm lacking since my scouting days. Still, i would want to go back to the more adventurous me and see the world.

Considering language barriers, the best places to go would probably be English or Chinese speaking countries, which immediately eliminate a lot of destination. Chinese speaking countries would be either China, Taiwan or Hong Kong, where all i have been to.

English speaking countries definitely would be more convenient, but all seem to be rather expensive in terms of the air fares, or probably i should just go some resort islands and relax to prepare myself for the coming semester.

O well... have to get through the money part since i will need a bank statement of S$6000 for my Finland visa first.

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