Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So i went to Beijing with my father to attend PALME Beijing, which is a exhibition on professional audio and lighting equipments.

Both of us went a day earlier as compared to my father's friends, because i went to meet up with Taurenflag, one of my online gaming friends. Thanks for the treat at your sister's restaurant man, though the food is nice but sadly because i still have not fully recover from my illness previously, i could not enjoy the Beijing styled Singapore food heh. Anyway nice to meet you!

Evening time i went to walk around the more crowded Tiananmen area, and seriously there are tonnes of people there waiting for the flag lowering ceremony. Well, being a typical Singaporean where you follows where the crowds went, i stayed and waited for almost an hour for the flag lowering ceremony, after which i have no idea why people would wait there for should an insignificant event. And when i say people, it's not some small little crowd but rather the Singapore National Stadium kind of crowd.

<- The star of Tiananmen, because everyone and anyone who went there will take photos on the centre of the place, therefore the Gong An on duty will be the superstar!

So there next few days is just going to the exhibition over and over again, and looking at how China products all look the same, and how the brand looks so similar to some international brand. Well, the power of OEM, considering how diversity the brands can be but how similar the products look, with exception of the branding.

Last stop of my Beijing trip, which is the Pearl Market where the entire shopping centre sells counterfeit branded products. Things like Ipod Nano and Playstation 3 are also available, and the price slashing rate is like 20% of starting price. Seriously, bargaining so hard for some quality lacking products is really tiring and waste of time.

Seeing all these counterfeit makes me think whether we are paying too much for just a guarantee of quality by buying branded good, because they looks just so similar and the price is like 1% of the cost. However, if i am really just looking for quality and design and not the brand, definitely i will not be bothered by the counterfeit label if i actually like the quality and design, which i am bothered. Well, if anyone really like to bargain and buy cheap counterfeit, this is the place definitely for you.

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