Monday, July 23, 2007

23th July 2007

Start of great day, just because i can wake up today and not having to go out or need to do anything today. This is probably my last week to slack around before having to do important stuff like bidding for my module and applying for my Finland visa. Yes, my application to Helsinki University of Technology has been confirmed, and i will be going Finland probably in December.

Well, that will be after my next semester, which i kind of wish to avoid because i will finally need to do a project module, in groups of 8 which i do not have. But as usual, luckily they are able to arrange for you the grouping, though it might be less than ideal. Goodness it makes you feel so much like an outcast, not that i really feel like one but just rather save the trouble of entertaining people. Still, if there are anything that i regretted in my university life, is not attending the orientation and student union camp, not that i like it but honestly, in life there are just something you need to do to survive. And my mistake is to think that everything that are important will be made known to you.

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