Tuesday, August 28, 2007

28/8/07 Tuesday

Strange everything seems to be connecting in some weird ways. I see on the news parents queuing a few days before outside primary schools just to get their child into some good primary school, and my neighbour having to be a volunteer at South View primary school in order to get her child into there. Then I thought about my Singapore Society tutor Nafis talking about why Singapore women would not want to have kids. Everything just fit together.

And in the midst of my really tiring lecture today (I'm tired because all the stuffs that the lecturer said just kept me pondering over them :D) on ethnics, some girl actually spoke the most fluent and nicest English that I ever heard, kodos man.

After school, I went to buy toothpaste that whiten your teeth, and I was totally amazed by the number of brands and products that advocate their toothpaste will whiten your teeth. Then I wonder, how many of these suppose will work products actually works. So I decided to try Darlie one instead, over Pearlie White. I used Cologate one before but it seems to be quite ineffective, but this Darlie one gave the same feeling after I went for teeth polishing at the Dentist. Hopefully it will work :/

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