Friday, August 31, 2007


If you have not heard, there is actually some progress on the Odex lawsuit, depending on which side you are on. But sadly, this time it is not in favour of the netizens. Representatives from anime companies in Japan came and support Odex in their application for PacNet to release the information of the illegal downloaders of anime, which effectively kind of give Odex the rights to file for it.

So for those who are still downloading anime, probably it is best for you to stop now and maybe try watching anime on online tv such as Ppstream, or if you insist on continuing to download, go download program such as PeerGuardian, released by Phoenix Labs to prevent any IP tracking.

Not that I am in favour of supporting illegal downloads, but rather I do not support companies that provide us with trashy stuffs, thinking that we do not have other avenue to purchase our desired products. VCD does not justify the poor quality that we have to bear, since I have seem plenty of good quality VCD in which you can actually see the entire movie.

Conclusion, please support the people who deserved to be supported for their works. But for Odex, I would rather just buy any anime if I'm ever interested in any over the Internet, rather that some company that serves lousy quality anime.

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