Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Agenda

One week after the debate in parliament on section 377A, the obvious result is still being debated on in newspaper and the online community. While the pro-377A camp argued that homosexuality is not 'normal', the repeal-377A argued on the inequality of the law which is not constitutional.

Of course other arguments are brought up, but in the end 377A is kept base on our conservative society. However, i feel that in the end the main issues are not brought up. Laws are there to protect us, not just our rights but to protect us from others, not to mention the law is suppose to protect every citizens, not just the majority ethnic group or any other particular groups.

Thoughts can be very dangerous, while we might see that all the opinions brought forth are just their own beliefs or point of views, i remember not long ago someone thought that Jews are the source of his country's trouble. That man continued to spread his beliefs to his fellow countrymen and in the period that followed, Jews are rounded up and sent to concentration camps. Most people know about the 6 million Jews who died in the event which was later called the Holocaust, but how many people knew about the number of handicapped people and homosexuals who were prosecuted by the regime.

How much hatred is involve when one wishes the death of another. Does anyone really deserve to die? I do not understand nor comprehend what some people do in the name of God, but do they understand what they are doing? Imagining being consisting told that homosexuality is a form of abomination rather than an unacceptable norm just like any other deviances in society. We must remember the reasons why slavery lasted so long, and how genocide happens. Without law to provide a protection shield, and without understanding from the general public, who will oppose when the homosexual community get targeted by discrimination or attacks.

Acceptance or not, the most importance thing is to understand. Hateful thoughts are dangerous and often are the start of trouble.

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