Monday, October 08, 2007

The Italian

The Italian is a Russian film talking about the "adventures" of a little boy in his quest to find his mother who abandoned him. He is called the Italian by other kids at the orphanage because of the Italian couple who is interested in adopting him, but this boy became concerned about his mother not finding him in the event he leave for Italy.

This show is only shown at the Art House at Grand Cathay, and i might actually understand why after watching it. This movie is not for the cheap thrills or story plot goer, because the story plot is simple, no major twist, no cool effects and the story itself develop slowly. However, the thing to look out is the environment setting of the run down and crowded orphanage and how the kids behave in such environment, with the adults try to get money out of them. Interpretation of every screen is up to the individual to make out the details of the show, understand the innocence of the child and the courage a child displays, which might be due to ignorance.

What is sad is the reality of such movie, that many children are used in human trafficking. Maybe this is what makes the movie so nice to me, life need not be spectacular, ordinary but full of emotions.

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