Monday, October 01, 2007

More tests 2

Your Working Style

You use you thinking to look for the principles underlying the sensory information that comes into awareness. As a result, you are logical, analytical, and objectively critical. You are not likely to be convinced by anything but reasoning based on solid facts.

While you like to organize facts and data, you prefer not to organize situations or people unless you must for the sake of your work. You can be intensely but quietly curious. Socially you may be rather shy except with your best friends. You sometimes become so absorbed with one of your interests that you can ignore of lose track of external circumstances.

You are somewhat quiet and reserved, although you can be quite talkative on a subject where you can apply your great storehouse of information. In everyday activities you are adaptable, except when one of your ruling principles is violated, at which point you stop adapting. You are good with your hands, and like sports and the outdoors, or anything that provides a wealth of information for your senses.

If you have developed your powers of observing the world around you, you will have a firm grasp on the realities of any situation, and show a great capacity for the important and unique facts of a situation. You are interested in how and why things work and are likely to be good at applied science, mechanics, or engineering. If you do not have technical or mechanical interests, you often use your talents to bring order out of unorganized facts. This ability can find expression in law, economics, marketing, sales, securities, or statistics.

You may rely so much on the logical approach of thinking that you overlook what other people care about and what you yourself care about. You may decide that something is not important, just because it isn't logical to care about it. If you always let your thinking suppress your feeling values, your feeling may build up pressure and find expression in inappropriate ways. Although good at analyzing what is wrong, you sometimes find it hard to express appreciation. But if you try, you will find it helpful on the job as well as in personal relationships.

You are in some danger of putting off decisions or of failing to follow through. One of your outstanding traits is economy of effort. This trait is an asset if you judge accurately how much effort is needed; then you do what the situation requires without fuss or lost motion. If you cannot judge accurately, or if you just don't bother, then nothing of importance gets done.

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