Thursday, January 17, 2008

First Day of Finland

Blogging these few days of Finland after my internet connection is finally up. Though the internet connection is not as fast as i expect, but i guess at least it is still decent broadband. The flight from Singapore to Finland went relatively well, though the landing part at Helsinki airport was rather scary because of aborted landing and all the fog present. 2 nice ladies picked us up at Helsinki airport, Elina and Emmi, though it was Elina who was driving a car went on to fetch us to our accommodation while Emmi stayed on to wait for the other students from NUS.

I would upload some photos of my apartment, but rather lazy now so maybe i will upload later. Haven't really taken any pictures of my school, maybe i should soon though my school looks like some old industry. So the first shock of the trip is when i went to my apartment just to put down my luggage, i saw 1 of the room is occupied by a girl, which i found it to be weird that they actually arrange for students of the opposite sex to stay together. But since i need to rush to school to enroll, i didn't talk to her and left my apartment promptly. The weather apparently is not as bad as i have expected, that i need to have like almost 4 to 5 layers to withstand the cold. In the end, i just went like 1 long sleeves t-shirt and my North Face jacket, and apparently it is sufficient.

So basically my first day is like nothing much yet, and maybe i should save the other events for my next entry since i think i should rest early tonight. Stay tune for more actions and hopefully for any photos :?

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