Friday, January 04, 2008

More updates

Ok finally decided to change my layout once in a while, though this time i kept to the default template of blogspot more because it is more convenient to add stuffs.

First and foremost Hins Cheung won the bronze price for male singer at the 叱咤乐坛流行榜颁奖礼 and won the best song for 酷爱, though i'm guility to say that i only listen to that song but not the album since i am more into English musical songs a while back. O well... still the most talented male singer!

Secondly, still watching The Kingdom on my new Creative Zen W, first part was rather shocking in reflecting the so call Jihad against Americans in Saudi Arabia, and the Korean drama Coffee Prince.

And lastly, countdown to Finland departure, 9 days!

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