Thursday, March 06, 2008

Keskiviikko - Wednesday

Keskivikko, which means Wednesday in Finnish. After finish watching one movie, was in the mood to post something on this blog after so many weeks of laziness. This week is my mid-term test week, and i have 3 tests + 1 assignment to submit, but after this horrible week will be good.

Will be heading to St. Petersburg next Thursday and returning on Sunday, and the following day will be starting my easter trip, which includes Stockholm, London, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Dublin and Riga. The entire trip last more than 1/2 a month, and probably will cost like 600 Euros. April will be my Greece trip, which will last 4 days.

So i am suppose to be studying for my last test, which is on Friday, but as usual after a suxy test today i decided to reward myself, that is just to slack for tonight. Been watching Prison Break and studying at the same time since last Saturday, and i have actually finished season 1 and 2 up till season 3 episode 13 by Wednesday morning. This month probably going to be more peaceful with the entire group quite separated due to all the different traveling plans. As usual, due times like this i can't help but my brain will starts to wander.

So what is my first motive for coming on SEP? I remembered during my first year in NUS, when my father and my sister kept telling me to go on exchange program if possible, i was quite reluctant to go, because i was scare of going alone, and after being relatively alone for the past few semesters the feeling really suck, even though i kind of got use to it. Luckily, quite a number came over to Finland for exchange, and therefore there are many companions here. Weirdly, when i first decided to register for exchange program, my motive was to just to escape, escape from the boring NUS life, lonely study life and of course the potential departure. Somehow eventually it turns out to be quite effective, studying in TKK is more interesting, though some lessons are quite boring but nevertheless it is so interesting when you keep going traveling during semester time. Being busy just take your mind off stuff, even though somehow i got more confuse, but i decided to deal with it with anger rather than sadness. O well... since i'm in Helsinki i should post some pictures of famous area in Helsinki....

Ok so just one picture of Helsinki Cathedral... seriously nothing much in Helsinki lol.......

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