Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of 2008

2008 has been a year of ups and downs. Maybe because it is the year of my zodiac (which i only found out like a week ago), that why so much happenings this year. The highlight would be probably my SEP to Finland, and all the traveling really broaden my horizon a fair bit. Despite not achieving my main aim of the SEP, nonetheless it still managed to bring me relief on many parts. How much did i learnt during this year, i would really say nothing much because i probably can't really express the experiences in words, but i guess the most important thing that one can learn is to move on with your life based on all the decisions one had made.

I am glad that at the end of the year i managed to catch up with friends whom i had not met for a long time, and having so many friends around me for my birthday. Really grateful to everyone for being around. 2008 will be the year where i travel the most, and even in the upcoming 2009 i would be going to Hong Kong for a simple trip.

The new year usher in new uncertainty, especially with the economic disasters around the globe. But i only hope that within the storm there would be safe harbour to dock, and my life can finally calm down and my mind and heart can finally unite together. Life can suck, but the people are always the ones who make it better. Life is hard, that why all of us need someone by our side to walk down the path and offer support to each other. I would extend my gratitude to all who had listen to my endless whining everynow and then and still continued to listen. In the upcoming year, hopefully things would be better for me so as not to bore others with my whining. Probably going to have an early new year eve night and not going to stay for the count down, but at least i would still wake up to a new year. Quite a different scenario as compared to the previous year, but i would look forward and leave the sorrows of yester days to the forgotten memories.

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