Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Desperate Housewives

Just caught the latest episode of Desperate Housewives, and i must say that it is really good in term of drama plot. This episode is talking about the death of the handyman of Wisteria Lane, Eli Scruggs, and how everyone thought that he had die a lonely death without much friends, only to realize how he had made an impact in everyone lives.

It is amazing how an insignificant character could have just said some little word of wisdom, or a small gesture of courtesy, but ended up having an impact in each of the main character life. This somehow made this think about my life, about the people that i have met and interacted. I guess that i have focus too much attention on people whom i want to be in my life, neglecting some minor character that could been a great friend for me. Even though i had only thanked only one person so far, but i guess it is never too late to really express my graditude to all my friends and families, who had brought me so many lessons, experiences and laughter.

I just wondered in my 20+ years so far, if i ever made any differences in another person life. It would be sad to just die without making any differences in this world.

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