Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hong Kong

This is my third Hong Kong trip, and second time i went to Hong Kong with my friends. While Hong Kong is largely the same after 3 years such as the food and dessert is still as good, and going in winter time means that the weather is cool but too dry for my liking. But there were some differences in experience during this trip. Firstly, for the first time in my travel life my flight was actually cancelled. I reached Changi Airport T3 at like 5am, only to see my flight got cancelled.

We got our SATA stickers, and got transfered to another flight on Malaysian airline instead. While the flight fly off 1/2 hour earlier, we reached Hong Kong 2 hrs later because of transit at Kuala Lumpur. O well, at least i did see the airport for the first time. The location of the accommodation is much better this time. Last time i went i stayed at Causeway Bay, at my cousin place, but this time my hotel was near Temple Street, call Dorsett Seaview. While the room is relatively small for 3 person, the location was really good because you are in the middle of places that one would probably visit.

Disneyland was the same except this time the crowd was lesser, and practically don't need to queue for any ride. There was no parade and manage to see some new musical, and the fireworks was earlier at 7pm. The chipmunk mascots were really cute though as compared to the other characters. Ocean park is undergoing some major renovation, with the animal displays all closed down except for the Panda exhibition, but this time i actually tried all the thrill rides, and i must say that for me the thrilling part is probably the height more than anything else.

Also went to draw some lot from the temple there, the Huang Da Xian temple, and after get got my fortune told. The lot i got was just a middle lot, and the soothsayer was talking in half mandarin and half cantonese, so i only like understood like half of what she was talking about. Old event can bring in new experiences :)

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