Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today in History

In case no one cares, today is the day that Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. Not that i really care because i actually support Hiliary Clinton more due to some irrational "reasons", but i guess having a Democrat president is probably better than a Republican president (again, due to some irrational "reasons").

Since i am really bored with school because that probably gave me some "reasons" to continue to be a bit slack since it is only the second week of school, i decided to do some writing based on selected topic. Firstly, i actually thought of choosing a random topic, ask a few friends to blog about the same topic to see what each of us will come up based on the topic. That can be fun, but i have only asked Eric so far, and it seems that he are not interested at all.

So trying to be a socially conscious Singaporean (whatever that means), i decided to do some critical writing on article that appears in what my old Singapore Society lecturer called -(censored for fear of being sued for slander) - the Straits Times. Today a survey showing that more high income household turning to house brands, normally this is the kind of news i would not be bothered about, because who cares about grocery shopping (maybe my mom does, but she does not read English newspaper). Somehow, my instant reaction to the headline without reading is that this is the kind of propaganda that the newspaper publish, with the aim of trying to tell lower income households that they should not feel that bad just because they are buying cheaper stuff, and see that even those well-to-do household are doing the same thing and this proved that these house brands are as good as those more expensive ones. Nice, free advertising for the house brands. Or maybe the article is really trying to report a trend, and i am just being over suspicious at the agenda.

On a side note, i want to whine why i need to queue to pay for my textbook (although after seeing the queue i did not queue and buy), the textbook seller should be like those telemarketers or roadshow promoters and approach me to buy their product (the textbook)! And since my mobile plan is expiring next month, i am looking for a new handphone which has good camera function and wifi, and looks like the only one available that seems not too bad is probably the Samsung Innov8, but still looking out for more offers!

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