Sunday, February 08, 2009

BBQ at Siting's

Well it was not really a good day for bbq since the evening started with a light rain, stop, then started to drizzle again. Siting's mom was kind enough to move the BBQ equipment down from the top because it was raining, but since when we reached it stop raining, we moved the bbq pit up again. The scene was really funny, carrying a burning bbq pit up the house, like some ritual being carried out that is smoking up the entire place, pity no photos taken.

The bbq started relatively ok, started cooking chicken wings and hotdogs.

And the cam whoring starts... though i am the one taking...

Seriously, people bbqing with umbrellas...ella ella ella e e e...

Ended with a group photos, followed by watching some disgusting and lame British show that Siting likes alot. Bad taste!

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