Sunday, March 01, 2009


These few weeks are truly an eye-opener for me. People can start off being so nice and much, then turn icy cold or maybe it is just me thinking too much. Friends of years can be like strangers, it is so hard to find someone to just talk and listen. At least I think i will just count myself lucky, to have someone who maybe seems to be more optimistic than me, who can really listen to my problems, or at least finish listening me out.

I know that I am not perfect, and can get unreasonable, too frank and what's not. But hey, at least I can say confidently that I am a sincere person, I treat all my friends sincerely. So no, I am unreasonable because I actually cared, I am frank because true friends are the one who tell the hard truth in your face. But apparently it is not the case. In these day sincerity does not work, it is the honey talking, the showering of politically correct stuff that works. O yes, i have just grew by another few years in just a few weeks. People lamented not having true friends, but I guess we are all superficial people, we have true or potential true friends around us, but being the greedy idiots we are, it will always be the people who knows how to play the game who wins, in the real world the tortoise never wins the race, because he will always get laughed at and by the time he reaches the finishing line, all the audiences have already left.

Emoo and emooo, truth hurts and lies worse? More like lies worse when the truth is out, else lies is always better than the truth. Everyone likes to get lied at, as long as it widen their ego.


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