Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Sometimes i wondered, if the words that i said to others are always sub-consciously relating to myself.

I think that my third person perspective is quite percise, subjected to the limits of my experiences.

But experiences always come at a cost, a mental cost.

Because without experiencing the pain, one would not understand, and without understanding, one cannot truly comprehend.

Instincts, intitutions are some of the signs and signals that i am trying to decipher.

As i am unable to see myself from a third person perspective, i am trying to use my senses to understand the signals.

However, my senses are clouded, clouded by my desires.

My desires are in a mess, kept in check for years but finally overwhelmed me.

Could it be time is draining my energy?

My energy to control, to interpret.

There is only one who is timeless and precious, yet out of reach.

Walking towards the end of time, against the flow of time.

All i need is a harmony of environment and perspective.

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