Friday, May 29, 2009


I was rather comprehensive about my result but with a stroke of luck it actually turn out quite well. Called Choon Kiat to help me check my result as i was out delivering goods, but he was out too. Luckily, he was on the phone with Hui Chuen so he conference-called us and i asked her to help me check. In the end, i managed to get 2nd lower honors with a C.A.P of 3.53, an increase from 3.45. I was really excited and almost burst out into joy in the middle of People's Park Complex. My result, B+ for my final year project, A- for both my networking and financial accounting and C+ for my power protection system. Despite the ugliness of the C+, i am still grateful for getting 2nd lower.

This week is really a great week! Tried on the academic dress and bought some NUS clothings just to wear at home. Work was boring as usual blah blah blah, but effectively i only worked 3.5 days this week. The week ended with joy from my result, but there are more things to be celebrated! Well not really public firework or what, but still private fun :) Now celebration awaits haha

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