Sunday, May 17, 2009

My weekend

This weekend was a bit different from my previous typical slacking + staying at home kind of weekend because of 2 events. Today morning is the start of my remedial training for my ippt at Maju camp, which saw me spending 2 hours there just to listen to a briefing and run 1km. Seems like the inefficiency of army will never disappear. Second, my sister car got bump from behind by a Malaysian car and had to go with her to the police station to make a report. Took like 1 hour and it is my second time at the same police station. The first time was when i had to change my address on my IC after i moved house.

Side note, i am watching couple of foreign movie and a few is worthy of mentioning because of their traumatizing effects. These movies are not necessarily the best or worse that i have watched among the movies that i watched recently, but worth mentioning because they are different. The first is the French movie Le Dernier Jour or The Last Day. The movie is really very slow until i fell asleep watching it and feels like a 2 hours movie which could possibly be shortened into maybe 10 minutes or something. Apparently the movie is suppose to portray a feeling of total emptiness and despair, but i failed to catch it because everything is so subtle. Most of the storyline seems to be up to interpretation, because when i was reading the comments on imdb, i was like did this really happen? Then again, the movie has a really impactful last scene which i shall not do a spoiler.

The second movie than i was rather traumatized is Mandragora. The story is about child prostitution in Prague and after watching it i was in a bit of shock. The impact cannot be put into words, so let's just say that i am traumatized. I also have some French movies talking about the chaotic situation in France during the late 1960s, but i have not watch it yet though i wonder what is the history behind it.

Going to start working at my dad's next week, though in the meantime going to prepare for my teaching job, go for remedial training and acupunture and physiotherapy. I went to see specialist for my neck last week, and have to go for MRI that will cost between 250 to 550. Damn, all these medical fees :/

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