Friday, June 26, 2009

Natural Instinct or just Paranoid

Have you ever felt that all your instincts are telling you that you have probably been taken for a ride, but you are just enjoying the ride so much that you can't seem to stop unless the car crashes, with you probably half dead or something.

Or is it just yourself being paranoid over seemly small details which probably give and serve no purpose.

Then again, typically natural instinct occurs when survival is in question, so maybe gut feelings might be more appropriate to describe such feeling.

So... i suspect that my weekly diet of KFC is causing me to gain weight, or it might be my physical training that is causing me to gain weight because of new muscles.

Delusional or not, 3 more weeks to end of my remedial training, but not like it actually matters anymore since i probably will have nothing interesting going on because of swine flu and some other things.

On a side note, below is a song by Lily Allen call Fuck You. I find the title and the rationale behind the song rather interesting. If this song is ever play in Singapore, the title would probably be *tu* You.

Looking forward to try to take a few days off to relax next week.

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Tommy T. said...

haha this is a very interesing song haha damn funny