Monday, June 15, 2009

New graphic card!

Yea after so long finally bought a decent graphic card for me to game with! Although it's weird because i have kind of stop hardcore gaming these days, so buying a good graphic card only after i stop gaming is kind of strange. But i have gone back to play World of Warcraft and waiting for Aion beta event this weekend. World of Warcraft is boring because unless you actually raid, it is not fun at least for me. I hate to do dailies, hate to do crafting and only doing instance can be fun. However, raiding means i have to commit myself to play the game regularly in order to have a raiding slot, which i am reluctant to. So it kind of suck to play a game where the part you enjoy the most is impossible without putting in tonnes of time.

Anyway, so the graphic card that i bought is ATI Radeon HD4870 1GB which i bought at $299 at the IT fair. Not sure if that is pricy, but actually i intended to buy nVidia GTX260, but the price was quite steep at $359. Initially not sure how to install the graphic card because it is so much bigger than my old graphic card, had to move a lot of cables and stuff. Credit to Alvin for helping me successfully install my graphic card, although my mistake was a simple but stupid one for not attaching the power cord :/

Now waiting for Aion beta this weekend to try out the game. The characters inside can get wings! So nice to play classes that looks like angels lol.

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