Monday, February 08, 2010

Mental Health First Aider Course

Previously, my impression of mental illness is simply reflected in the word “crazy”. This idea has been brought forth by years of cautious words given by my parents and my short interactions with people in public that are acting abnormally. The fears of the mentally ill are not just about their abnormal behaviours, but rather the uncertainty and lack of knowledge of the conditions. I try not to treat them weirdly, so my natural response will be to ignore their presence.

During the course, the different kinds of mental illnesses were a surprise to me, not because of the number of mental illnesses but rather how common some symptoms and signs are. Some of these common symptoms become mental illnesses just because the individual is unable to cope with it and without treatment eventually becomes mentally ill. Thus, I believe that the most important thing being a mental health first aider is to identify the early symptoms of mental illness and knowing when to seek professional help.

However, I believe that in dealing with mentally ill patients, no course would be able to truly teach someone the correct way in handling situations. The more important thing is to treat mental illness as an illness and not reflective of the person himself. Learning mental health first aid will help in my role as a teacher to ensure that I will be able to help my students with their mental health and to do self-check to maintain my own mental health.


BrendaJean said...

Mentally ill people definitely are NOT crazy. Some of us suffer from a lack of certain chemicals in our brains. Many of us also are SURVIVORS of horrific abuse metted out to us as children. We are trying to cope and function as normal in the aftermath. THAT is what people expect. For us to "suck it up" and function "normally". God Bless You and give you wisdom and patience as you work with "us".

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Mitty Mouse said...

I have learned over time,dealing with someone who suffers from mental illness, that they will always be ill. Many people including myself make excuses for these types of people and try to help them change. It is easier said then done.

I is not up to you to help a mentally ill person. They have to recognize their illness and help themselves.