Saturday, March 25, 2006

The end of a marathon

After watching 天外飞仙 non stop for 2 days and completing 40+ episodes, as usual the ending is always something stupid. But overall it is a great drama with lots of humors and food for thoughts.

I must say it is the first drama or rather love story that talks so much on purpose, meaning, cycle and acceptance kind of stuff. Makes me feel so much to become a better person though i find it hard. But food for thought for the day will be remember to choose your path carefully. When you choose a wrong path or did something wrong, even though you can solve or remedy the problem, it does not change the fact that a wrong has been done. It is just like when someone done you injustice and you want to take revenge, remember that even if you get your revenge does not mean that the injustice never take place at all.

More to come when i save all my thoughts that i find are so noble!

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