Friday, March 24, 2006


This post is delicated to the drama 天外飞仙 that i'm watching. Obviously any stuffs that i delicated to have some thing gone wrong. After watching 26/39 of 天外飞仙 and proceeded to watch 27/39, the story just went drastic wrong. It is like there is at least 10 episodes in between the 2 episodes that are missing. Well end up have to find the missing episodes in youtube.

Anyway... i find one thought rather true and interesting inside the show. This thought let me think about how when you are born society will trap you through pressure and expectation and whatever we are doing is trying to break out of our cage to obtain our freedom. But in our short lifetime can we really break out of our cage or merely die inside our cage while another will take our place? In our everlasting pursuit to meet expectations, are we living for ourselves or we are merely just trying to meet others' demands........

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