Thursday, March 23, 2006

CS1102C again

Been another horrible week because of CS1102C graded assignment again. Coursemarker is a total waste of time where the grade given by the CM is base on some unknown input set by the lecturer to test our code. But since the input is unknown, we will not have any idea on where our program went wrong and just have to keep guessing and amending just to get an awesomely excellent grade for CM.

Anyway, luckily i have 天外飞仙 to watch while i do the boring and irritating programming. I went to look for 张敬轩 new album 春夏秋冬 but i guess havent arrive in store yet... maybe a few days later or i have to go check out HMV.

Anyway tomorrow is my conferencing for my CTW position paper and interview for MNO project. I just hope everything will go smoothly cos all these projects are getting on my nerve. Anyway exams coming need to work harder....-.-

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