Thursday, March 16, 2006

Last thought on a very disappointing day

Just suddenly remember that i want to put up the CS1102C announcement on plagiarism.....

Dear CS1102C students,
If you are an honest and honorable student who did your Lab 4 by yourself, please ignore this email.
We detected many cases for copying (over 200 pairs of similar assignments, however, if 3 persons copying each other, it will have 3 pairs, so it does NOT mean 200 students copying). We can tell that you are copying even if you smartly changed your program (e.g. changing variable names, e.g. i to k, or swap a few lines). We have the program (from Standford U.) and also humans to figure out similarities between codes. Of course, we also know how to avoid comparing given files which are supposed to be the same, e.g. the basicLinkList.h.
As we mentioned , the first time who commited copying will have zero marks on their assignments, second time will fail the course and report to the dept. (I don't know if the third time will be kicked out of school, but it will be a serious offence, depends on the dept.).
So for this time, we open for confession. If you copied others' assignments (even not your classmates in this year of class, last year we also penalised students who copy their seniors' codes who took the course before), or you know that you are being copied. You can confess by emailing us. The penalty for confessing is a lot lighter.
The deadline for confession is this Thursday midnight 3/16/2006 11:59pm.
If you do not confess and we detected your plagiarism, please understand that we have to zero your marks because of the benefits for the students who did the homework by themselves. It is also frustrating for teachers to find out that students have no moral standard and copy homeworks without shame. We do NOT enjoy picking out people who copied. (Actually it's a lot of extra work and trouble for us)
For those who did their homeworks by themselves, please ignore this email. Please do not panic and worry about that you are being mistaken as copying. Like writing essays, it is not easy to do the same 'wording' of your C++ codes which looks similar to others by chance.
P.S. Scope of code similarity comparison includes some of the codes you did in Lab 3 and being used in Lab 4.

Have no idea why but i find it so funny after reading it. Let me think of my lesson on deviance during last semster in making sense of society lesson. You are considered deviance only when it's known and others are judging you. Hope that i dont get involved in his plagarism thing... i spent so much time on my lab....-.-

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