Saturday, March 18, 2006

Scout Reunion

Last night went for my yearly scouts gathering for those scouts who graduated from JSS throughout the years. Those who turn up ranged from the oldest at 33 to those who just graduated last year.

Been so long since i went back to participate in scout activities and those who i knew back then are already in sec 4 this year, how time flies. There was a lot of memories brought back and as usual Miss chan always talks about the same old thing and incidents haha.

The school is so different from last time i went back. Everyone seem so friendly from the OM to the security guard... unlike my unhappy experience last time when i went back last year january. Thinking back i'm aghast by the speed at which time flies... everything seems to happy only just yesterday.

I'm really amazed at the condition of the scout troop now... seem like the teacher ic and eugene (my oldest scout senior at age 33 lol) really did a good job at it but seem like they exert a lot of pressure for the scouts. Though really regret what i didnt correct back then, i'm happy that the troop never continue to rot.

Sad to say only 1 of my batch scouts went back and no one for the next 2 came back. Well and i found out Miss chan birthday is on 28/8 though dunno the year heh. Apparently my seniors think that Miss chan wont reveal but well i ask and she just said heh. I guess when you get older this kind of yearly events really just makes you feel older. But then, at least i was commented i look young always haha and somehow in the teacher's opinion i'm a good boy...o.o Even though some seniors i only meet during the gathering once a year, it's easy to relate to them. I guess that where common interests make it easy to communicate.

P.S. It sux when guys come together and always talk about army stuff.

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Blur_Angel said...

It's inevitable... Guys above 21 only have 2 common topics across all races and religion. Girls and Army stories. Or maybe a third one, hunks, if they live in Brokeback.