Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thoughts ran wild

Some of the bad things about having long journeys to and fro to school is large amount of time is wasted on the bus and is time like these your thoughts tend to wander off by itself.

It is during such times that i start to think that my life is in such a mess. My priorities are all screwed up and all appear at the wrong time and space. Yet i came to realise that it is always friends who will make your life goes so smoothly until you will not realise that you need to think about priorities. But now at the crossroad, suddenly i'm forced to take actions on my path despite my unwillingness to change anything.

I always thought that fate is such a amazing thing and i have seen it again after 8 years. I thought of letting it go but here i am, back at the same spot. Some things are just so hard to say... not sure if i will actually be able to say it and if it will actually change anything. When the deciding factors no longer on depend on you... i guess some stuff are better left unsaid. Regret and cherish come hand in hand with gain and lost. If you are lucky you might be able to regain what you have lost and you might cherish it... it not regrets will make you cherish what you have lost.

If life is only to search and fight... i have not find the will to fight.

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