Thursday, April 27, 2006

Another 2 down

1st time in my life i actually took 2 exams in the same day... ok, probably i took more than 1 exam in a day when i was in secondary school or junior college but i forgot about it. Luckily for me, the 2 papers today are of different nature. One is CS1102C and another is EG1413, which is programming and critical writing respectively.

Amazingly, last night i was still worrying on how i am going die inside the exam hall for my CS1102C, but everything turned out better than expected. Though i think the chances of getting an A is still quite low because of my mid-term, but hey at least i attempted like 70%-75% of the paper (though whether correct or not is another issue). Hope at i can get at least a B, because overall i think the exam will be really easy for some.

As for EG1413, the feeling is more wierd though. I thought i did the paper slowly, but when i finished the paper like 30 minutes before the ending time, everyone around me was like still writing furiously well till the exam ended. This really give a lot of pressure and i keep thinking that i might have left out a lot of things. But well, as my usual style i just heck care it haha.

Well, maths paper tomorrow and i have not finish studying it too. My daily work for this module during the semester was well... kind of bad towards the end of the semester and a lot of things left undone. Hope everything will go smoothly for my paper tomorrow, then i will have to start studying for my General Biology zz.

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