Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blogging craze

So eric asked me over msn why am i blogging so much these days, like i have a few posts every day! So well apart from being bored, i actually feel like i love writing so much! I mean it is so fun to write without any topic or guideline to follow unlike in general paper or english. And of course as far as possible i will try to write in proper english. Though i find singlish fun, but i just cannot bear to write singlish out...-.-

So anyway, another excuse for blogging so much is one thing i actually learn from Da Chang Jin. So my sister was watching it during lunch and i join in to watch while i was having lunch. So the story goes when Chang Jin was trying to earn her place to be like a nurse or what but this doctor like keep saying she does not have the attitude to be someone to do medicine. So actually the moral of the story is to be modest blah blah. But that is not my point. My point is in order to understand something you must monitor over a period of time what is happening in order to fully understand. If you only have a first impression, you views might be biased. So everytime i feel like saying or writing something i will just blog out, so when i forget everything and read back what i wrote, maybe i can understand myself better?

Well, that is something to console myself that i'm not doing some "evil" things during my suppose study break...-.- And of course, probably blogging is one of the things that make me less guility for not studying for my exams. 4 more papers to go!! And the first thing i want to do is to... actually i also not sure what i want to do after exams. And the mentor program still interest me... but it is a one year program and so i have to be commited for one whole year! Oh well, i'm suffering from cognitive dissonance...-.-

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