Wednesday, April 26, 2006


What do you get when you put boredom and study suck and no wowing in an equation? You get me watching television!....=_=!

But it is my first time actually watching the whole 永不言败. Usually i just hear the horrible singing in my room while my family watched the show outside my room. These people, their skin are really good enough to be their shield for life. A few of them sang so badly until i cannot stop laughing. Or rather, i do not think bad is good enough to describe them, but well, i must give them credits for daring to sing like that on national tv. Well, some actually sang quite well and each is good for different type of songs, only like 2 of them really cannot sing at all....

Strange, there is apparently 1 famous cook among the judges. I wonder what is a cook doing as a judge to comment on singing....-.- Well to say none of the judges actually are those singing type.

Hope i dont sound too sua gu that i actually just watched 永不言败. But i bet it's so bad that most people doesnt even watch it...~.~

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Enviro said...

lol, i catched one of the latest episode of it out of sheer boredom. And surprisingly enough, i am amused at how funny i find it rather than feeling disgusted. There is this guy who really can't sing at all and it sound so funny with all the melody and tune off. I think the guy-guy love song duet is the most hilarious of all.

i also felt its weird for a cook (i think sam?) to be one of the judge. but maybe they just need some amateur to judge since the contestants do not have the standards to begin with.