Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Once there was a Tauren druid name Takizawa in the realm of Gorgonnash. After training in the druidic ways until he was level 60, he went on to rid the world of evils and alliance evil-doers. Despite well-versed in the druidic ways of life and spells, he can never understand how the old druids can hibernate in the Emerald Dream while the world out there is in chaos. Even the most powerful of the druids, Malfurion Stormrage, hibernates while the rest of the world struggled. Though swore to never use magic after what happened to the Night Elves 10,000 years ago, Takizawa believes that you can't just heal your enemies to death or even think that the pitiful leather armour he is wearing can outlasting the endless aggression of his enemies. So, luckily there was still moonfire to pew pew to exert the wrath of the moon on the evil-doers.

One day, there was a rumor that Malfurion Stormrage appeared in Moonglade, after some mortals slayed some corrupted dragons of Ysera's Green Dragonflight. In his quest to answer his endless boring questions, Takizawa decided to search Malfurion out for answers. After getting to Moonglade using his Teleport : Moonglade, he went to the Shrine of Remulos to seek Malfurion. And there he was, in his glory of leaves and twigs, Malfurion Stormrage!

So Takizawa asked Malfurion: "Why did you hibernate in the Emerald Dreams while the world suffered in chaos and destructions. Shouldn't the druids help heal the world and end the destruction?"

Malfurion answered with a smile: "Why makes you think that even though i was sleeping i never once cared about the world? I chose to sleep because only time can cure the disgusts and evils the world can ever have and i do not have the power to do so."

"But you are the most powerful druid ever walk the world. Cant you do something about it? You did save the world from the Burning Legion 10,000 years ago!"

"Do you really think that there will be a saviour for all situation? There will only be saviours for situations."

"But that is so unfair! I thought good will triumph over evil! Shouldnt that be the case to ensure how the world works?"

"Good and evil is nothing but perception. Some people see it as good while others see it as evil. Mother Nature is fair to give fair chances to everyone as long as you take it. People only think that it is unfair because they refuse to take it."

"Hmm... i have no idea what are you taking about."

"Dont worry, when times come you will understand. Your journey continues when a lot more challenges ahead. If everything is given to you without any efforts then the world will truely be unfair, no matter the efforts are provided by who. But remember, in times to confusion, hibernate more into the Emerald Dreams and you might find your answer in the tranquility."

With that, Malfurion Stormrage fade into the darkness of the night......

Story telling and roleplaying for the win.....-.-

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